Emmanuel Dogbevi honored with African Capacity Building Foundation Award

The founder and Managing Editor of Ghana Business News, Emmanuel K. Dogbevi, has been honoured with the African Capacity Building Foundation Award, at the AllAfrica Media Leaders Summit 2024, in Nairobi – Kenya.

Dogbevi was among 24 other individuals who were awarded during the Media Excellence Awards and Gala Dinner, one of the highlights of the Summit organised by the AllAfrica Global Media.

Wearing resplendent ‘fugu,’ a delicately woven Ghanaian fashion item, neatly and expertly hand sown, he walked confidently as it is his nature, but with a hint of humility and aura of eminence to receive the honour bestowed on him by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF).

The award was given for his excellent coverage of capacity building in Africa, the major focus of ACBF, a specialist agency of the African Union Commission.

This is the second award Dogbevi is receiving in the last two years. In October 2022, he won the Christopher J. Welles Prize for excellence in business reporting at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where he belongs to the elite class of business journalists known as the Knight-Bagehot Fellows. These journalists have gone through the Knight-Bagehot Fellowship at the University – one of the most sought-after journalism fellowships in the world for business reporters. Dogbevi was in the Class of 2014. He also obtained a Master’s degree in journalism from the same university.

Dogbevi, has over three decades of experience in journalism, with specialization in business and investigative reporting, and his works span various sectors in the environment, trade, e-waste dumping, illicit financial flows, ICT, agriculture and development among others.

He has also been covering the Economic Commission for Africa extensively, as well as the African Development Bank, ACBF and the World Bank.

Dogbevi has consistently demonstrated a commitment to truth, accuracy, and the highest journalistic standards, in Ghana and the African continent.

In addition to his role at Ghana Business News, Dogbevi serves as the Executive Director of NewsBridge Africa. This non-profit media organization is dedicated to fostering journalistic excellence across the African continent by training journalists, further testament to Dogbevi’s commitment to journalism.

Dogbevi’s extensive work on anti-corruption, electronic waste dumping, and the exploitation of natural resources in Ghana has garnered widespread recognition. His relentless pursuit of these critical issues has not only informed the public but also provoked important conversations about sustainable development and governance and led to legislation in Ghana.

This award serves as a proof to Dogbevi’s significant contributions to journalism and his firm dedication to capacity building in Africa. His work continues to inspire a new generation of journalists, setting a high bar for journalistic integrity and excellence.

He remains a valuable partner on the largest journalism collaboration in history of West Africa, ICIJ’s West Africa Leaks, which involved 13 journalists from 11 countries, and was facilitated by CENOZO, a West Africa-based investigative journalism organization.

Reacting to the recognition, an investigative journalist and Francophone Africa Editor of the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN), Maxime Domegni said: “This award is a recognition of the outstanding journalism Emmanuel produces in Ghana and Africa. I have known Emmanuel for several years. I have an idea of the tough conditions in which he manages Ghana Business News, especially after his office was completely burnt down by fire.”

He added that “Dogbevi came from a difficult background that didn’t deter him from pursuing his goals.”

“Emmanuel never had the opportunity to go to secondary school but worked hard to go to university including Columbia University in the United States. He, however, returned to his country to keep doing journalism, despite all the storms… this award is a recognition of his skillful reporting,” Domegni added.

The Press Attaché at the US Embassy in Accra, Kevin Brosnahan said, “Dogbevi is a professional dedicated to his craft and the pursuit of truth in the interest of public policy.

“He’s not just a talented journalist in his own right but he also seeks to share his skills, knowledge, and experience with others to improve the journalism profession. It’s no surprise that he’s been selected for this award,” he stated.

As a media trainer, Dogbevi has trained more than 400 persons across Africa in investigative journalism skills, storytelling, fact-checking, investigating illicit financial flows, the principles of news reporting, covering beneficial ownership, communication strategy and media relations.

The 2014 Columbia University graduate also holds a Bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Ghana and has been recently elected the Deputy Chair of The African Editors Forum (TAEF), a body of Editors and senior editorial executive from all over Africa.

Prior to his current positions, he worked with the online departments of both Joy FM and Citi FM. In addition, Dogbevi played a significant role at The Independent newspaper where he advanced to the position of production editor. His journalism journey began in 1990 when he started off as an editorial intern at Step Magazine, a religious publication.

Ruona Meyer, a colleague investigative journalist has this to say about him: “This award is well deserved. As someone who has been awarded outside of Africa, and as someone who has been part of award-winning investigations outside of Africa, Emmanuel deserves to have that honour at home.

His contributions have been very clear. He hosts a ‘Journalism Hangout’, runs one of the long-standing independent news outlets in West Africa and has broken stories to alert global colleagues. He is an outstanding person, has a very keen and distinguished eye for news and investigations, a very honourable colleague and I am very delighted that he is getting this type of recognition. Congratulations to him.”

The AllAfrica Media Leaders’ Summit is being held under the theme “Re-engineering African Media in Times of Critical Transformation.”

The event, which is being organized with the support of the Kenyan government brought together media leaders in Africa (CEOs & Editors in Chief), policymakers and leaders of organisations championing the growth and development of Africa across a variety of sectors and functions.

By Kizito Cudjoe and Peter Quarshie
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